6 great local beers…in Cans!

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Because we love Cans on the Pubcycle, I bring you (drumroll please):

6 great local beers…in Cans!

Asheville Brewing Rocket Girl Lager

What’s not to like? I once heard a rider say “It’s the lightest beer you can drink in this town and still act like you know what you’re f*$@ng talking about.” Not strictly true, but hey, its tasty.

French Broad Wee Heaver

A fantastic scotch ale. Its all the smooth-sailing goodness you want in darker beers but you finish it and think “Where did it all go?” Its like drinking a pack of shortbread girlscout cookies. You can’t stop and you don’t even notice you’re out, but then you’re crying watching the final episode of Gilmore girls.

French Broad Kolsch

Don’t let the fancy name fool you, it’s a down to earth Kolsch. Wish you had an uber-drinkable corporate sellout beer in your hand but don’t want to be THAT GUY? This Kolsch is the perfect upgrade to ditch the fat cats and drink in style.

Asheville Brewing Shiva IPA

Do you like IPAs? Love ‘em. Conversation over–because you’ve already bought this beer, right? Wait…what’s that? You haven’t? I’m going to punch you.

Pisgah Pale Ale

Its oh-so-smooth and oh-so-fresh! Its organic, so you can also bring your reusable shopping bag, your glass water bottle with the weird rubber around it, and your stinky Birkenstocks (even though you just bought them).

Ninja Porter

The definitive dark beer of Asheville in a can! You grow a beard, move to Montford, and start begrudging Florida license plates as soon as you pop the top.
So next time you’re thinking about a beer-bike-a-palooza, don’t forget the cans!

Pubcycle and the Interweb

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Hey Everybody, we’re over HERE. Amazing Pubcycle and the interwebs.

We know you’re trying to find us out there in the internet jungle.

I mean, we should be the #1 thing on the internet by now, right?

Okay, BESIDES cat videos.


Google Analytics told us that you are searching these terms below.

At your house. In your underwear. (By the way: nice!)


Asheville Pubcycle–Nailed it!

Pub Cycle Asheville

Pedal Tours Asheville

Bicycle Bar

Bike Bar–just don’t search Biker Bar. Its…uh…scarier.

Cycle Pub Asheville

The Amazingpub Cycle–F*$@&g space bar.

Asheville Beer Cart

Asheville Bike and Beer–There’s no better combo!

Asheville Bike Trolley

Asheville NC Biking Bar–like it!

Peddle Pub–Hey…uh…I think its “pedal.” I’m just saying.

Beer Cycle Tour

Booze Bike–No liquor! Don’t worry, you can buy us shots later.


Okay, let’s get this straight:

Yes, Citizens of Google! While you are searching for the “Cycle Pub Asheville” during your Thursday staff meeting, we are thinking up new ways to rock your world!


We are all of those things… and so much more!

So far in our first 4 months, we’ve hosted the following parties. Here’s how WE roll:

Birthday Parties – at least 100 rides, ages 11 to 73

Engagement Parties – we just wuuuv them!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – an impossibly good time.

Odette Dynasty – Asheville’s Premier Drag Queen Hostess, rockin!

A Divorce Party – Its always a good thing

Oompa Loompas on Halloween – nuf said.

Super Hero Party–Saving Asheville from Sobriety!

SantaCon 2013–He ditched the reindeer for a while

Murder Mystery Corporate Team Building Event–Now THAT’s  a team builder!

And last but not least, our personal fav…

Asheville Downtown Assoc.’s OKTOBERFEST

Now the real question is how are YOU going to ride?

See you in ’14.


PUBCYCLE EVENT @ PULP July 10th 7-9pm

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

The casting call meet and greet will be double purposed as a social event and auditions.  Anyone and everyone are welcome, whether you’re interested in working with us, or just want to meet Pubcycle members and join in the fun.  The venue PULP is located under the Orange Peel in downtown Asheville on Biltmore Ave.

First off, we appreciate all of your responses that we received for drivers/entertainers and very much look forward to meeting all those who are com

pulp-89ing.  The Pubcycle will no doubt be a fantastic voyage, but the right minds and personalities on the crew will make or break the customer experience and the success of the company.

The format for this event will be an informal open introduction for everyone who has the ambition to join the team.  We want to first-off throw down a clear understanding of our business model, the goods (bike), partnerships and the timeline.  Secondly, have potential Drivers/Entertainers introduce themselves & tell their story to the group; and be creative in showing us how you’d make an excellent driver, entertainer, marketer & poster child for the company.

Thank you for liking Amazing Pubcycle!

About Asheville’s ‘Amazing Pubcycle’

Friday, May 17th, 2013

The idea of a Trolley Bike/Bar is not a new one, we actually found out about this type of business from a guy on a plane to MN, they now have six trolley bikes I heard.  He said that he and his wife had plans with a group of their friends to rent it out for a few hours on Sat. night.  They had done it before, and said it was ‘the most fun they’d had in years’.

After doing our homework, researching the feasibility (market, engineering for hills, landing zones, etc., did I mention hills), getting through the business and marketing planning, working with the City of Asheville (who I should mention have been fantastic to work with)we’re almost ready to launch the Amazing Pubcycle.  We have a couple downtown Asheville tour routes planned.

Our goal is to offer several tours including: Brewery Tour, Corporate Events, Non-Profit Pro-Bono Rides, Progressive Dinner Tour, Pub Peddle, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, and Sustainability Tours.  Each tour will include different destinations, and we’re working with several establishments to figure out our Pick-Up Meeting Places.

Check out the build photos, we’re getting close.  Should be shipped & ready in 6-8 weeks, couldn’t be soon enough.